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We follow a theme based coaching pattern on an interactive chess platform.

About Us

Academy focused on chess tutoring for kids of all ages. We coach students across all levels ranging from novice/beginners through advanced levels. We offer both online and offline (face to face) classes.

We have coached over 250+ students and are currently coaching students in the USA across multiple regions (Dallas-Texas, Los Angeles-California, Columbus-Ohio and Florida), Middle-East, Philippines and India (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu).

Our students have participated in several state and national-level chess tournaments in the USA and India. Many students are listed in the top 20 in their age group in USCF. Our Indian students have participated in both state and national-level chess tournaments. Our chief coach is both FIDE and USCF rated with over 10 years of coaching experience.

We have a well-designed curriculum that has been built over the years with proven success to enable our students to excel in all areas of the Chess game. We also provide regular online practice tournaments, quizzes, and assignments.

Our mission is to make sure that students achieve their goals and greatest potentials in Chess by providing a platform to nurture their talents and make a mark in national and international chess tournaments

Provide a strong Chess foundation and pave the path for our students to earn Fide Master, International Master, Grand Master Titles

What we Offer

Online Coaching

Private Classes

Group classes 


Our coaching platform provides various features for our students to enhance their skills and improve their thinking ability. Some of our main features are listed here:

Game Area

Play games online with other students in the academy anytime. Students can sharpen their calculation and visualization skills by playing blindfold chess against the engine.


Online Tournaments will be conducted regularly. Students can play from anywhere.

Quiz & Studies

Students can solve interactive quizzes by solving puzzles and MCQs. We keep track of their performance – puzzles solved, both right and wrong attempts, along with time taken for each attempt.


Students tournament games are shared to the coaches for quick access and detailed analysis. We help the student learn from their mistakes and areas to improve by analyzing their tournament games.


Students can do assignments and homework online. Assignments are kept track and the students’ thinking pattern is identified by keeping track of their wrong attempts and time taken to solve problems


We conduct weekly and monthly tournaments for students to showcase their talents. Students can also play simultaneous chess against the coaches. Parents can watch the simul games LIVE from the academy website



We are offering online lessons and offline face to face lessons (@ Bangalore)

It is 1 hour long and is completely based on a theme based curriculum. Games (played by the student through the week) are analyzed and improvements/corrections are recommended

Yes. Majority of our students are based out of USA. Lessons are provided in their convenient time zones. Our current student base spans across PST, CST and EST time zones.

Our lessons are approximately an hour long and can take several different forms. Topics would be covered in the following order of importance:- Review of tournament games, Discussion of general strategy, Openings preparation, Live training and decision making, Middle game tactics, End game techniques

We provide a learning and interactive platform which engages and motivates kids. Kids can make the moves on the platform which provides a similar over the board coaching experience

Yes. Our coaches are USCF Certified Tournament Directors. We run regular USCF online rated tournaments which are video monitored

We provide free online chess tournaments 5 times a week, regular quizzes and assignments. We also conduct official USCF online rated tournaments

No. We don’t believe in registration fee. We purchase and offer licensed version of the platform to all our academy students at no additional cost

We offer make-up class to compensate. If its not possible for the kid to attend make-up class, you don’t have to pay for the missed class

While we recommend the kid to be atleast 5 years old, the youngest kid we have coached was 4yrs and 6 months

Yes. We provide timely and regular updates to all the parents on our social media channels and whatsapp group on the upcoming tournaments in your respective region, country

This is possible but not successful. Chess needs to be a habit. Kids who dropped out of the classes and started using online platform for learning and practicing eventually dropped out of chess and never resumed.

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